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What is Plexr?


New plexr laser technology for the treatment of: Tattoo removal, active acne, scars, skin blemishes, facial flaccidity, stretch marks, wrinkles and eyelid drooping (blepharoplasty without surgery).


The Plexr laser is an ideal plasma generator for use in anti-aging and anti-aging treatments. In addition to its multi-functionality, it offers the patient a solution without the need to go through the operating room. At Tcuida we offer you this exclusive treatment by the hand of our doctor specialized in aesthetic and rejuvenation medicine.


What number of sessions is needed with the Plexr laser?


Depending on the dermal injury or treatment to be performed, it varies from 1 to 3 sessions. It is a fast, effective and painless technique since local anesthetic is applied to avoid discomfort to the treated patient.


How long does the Plexr laser treatment last?


PLEXR alters the structure of the skin on which it acts, producing a direct retraction of the skin by the burn controlled instantly. It is not like other treatments such as threads or fillers that cause the formation of support proteins and the result is seen in a few months (in many patients there is no improvement), the punctate burns of the PLEXR act in a similar way to a powerful CO2 laser but more conservatively and with 3 times faster recovery. The natural and progressive results (session by session) are permanent, relative to habitual skin aging over the years.

At Tcuida we offer you the first FREE consultation with no obligation, we also have an interest-free financing system so that you can pay for your treatments in comfortable installments.


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