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At Clínica Estética Tcuida we have podiatrists with extensive experience and professional experience, in the comprehensive treatment of diseases and pathologies of the feet, the locomotor system and the skin, providing solutions to foot problems.

We study the causes of the pathologies of the locomotor system of each patient, in this way we can carry out individualized treatments for each ailment.


We cover several treatment disciplines: Primary chiropody (calluses, fungi, nailed nails, warts, various pains ...), Children's chiropody, Sports chiropody, Insoles, Diabetic foot, etc.

We have a laser scanner for the exact elaboration of the footprint and thus make an almost perfect template tailored to the patient. In addition to the biomechanical study and the footprint of each patient for a more precise diagnosis.




  • Pedicure.

  • Papillomas.

  • Neuromas

  • Chiropodias.

  • Templates.

  • Minor surgery.

  • Diploma chiropody.

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Modelo de los músculos del pie
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Pie del bebé
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Pie recién nacido del bebé
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Pies pedicurados
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