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Blepharoplasty with PLEXR is a treatment performed through a plasma laser. One of its applications is non-ablative blapharoplasty without the need to go through the operating room. Treats aging and drooping of the eyelids by eliminating excess skin that occurs in the area over the years and periocular wrinkles.


In addition, this laser has other aesthetic applications such as lifting the skin in other facial and body areas, treatment of the barcode or perioral area, treatment of warts, fibromasm, nevus, keloids, xanthelasmas, keratosis. And to treat post acne scars, stretch marks and dyschromia.


The PLEXR plasma laser is a system for sublimating treated tissues without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. This technique allows treating ultra-sensitive areas without causing scars or hyperpigmentation. Also, unlike the electrosurgical unit or laser, there is no thermal damage to the dermis.


It is a very dynamic and personalized technique that allows the specialist to design the eyelid retraction as the treatment progresses, which can be done in several sessions spaced in a month between one and the other, until the optimal result is achieved.

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